Daily Drabble – May 16th

Today's poetry prompt is a photo from The Daily Spur. Flower Garden The flower gardens boastsA variety of colours, sizes and shapes,And each and every flowerbed hostsButterflies and bees, hidden by capes. The petals all shine brightlyBeneath the summer sunshine,With glimpses of glitter jumping lightlyFrom flower to flower, where on ambrosia the insects dine. The … Continue reading Daily Drabble – May 16th

Daily Drabbles – May 15th

Ah yes, the Ides of May. Not quite as notorious as its springtime compatriot, the Ides of March, but far more important for a certain little author nonetheless. In other words... there's a big literary magazine deadline today and I'm very anxious. So enjoy a little anxiety ridden rant on my behalf, won't you? It's … Continue reading Daily Drabbles – May 15th