Daily Drabbles – April 27th

So, today’s – a.k.a. yesterday’s – ironic prompt is one that apparently went live late, just like this Drabble – strange, that. Yesterday’s NaPoWriMo prompt was: to write a poem inspired by an entry from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. So, the entry I chose was: ringlorn (definition here).

High Expectations

Wouldn’t it be nice if the world had rules
Just like a well-structured fantasy novel:
Where the law of deux ex machina fuels
Justified outrage, such as with the Travelling Shovel.

Overtly detailed maps of myth and lore
Lead us to believe reality might compare,
On some small level, like the mouse-house door
Laying waste to our expectations, without a care.

Quests prepare us for change in the books
But in the real world, we have no real way to know,
Quite how to achieve our goals, improve our looks,
Burrowing deep into the unknown, lying beneath the snow.

And at the end, we receive no prizes
For our efforts, no matter how eternal,
As the real world has no structure that rises
Future ambitions, fluffy like a popcorn kernel.

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